Random Thoughts

I guess the only good approach to letting my thoughts out and developing better ideas is to do so as spontaneously as they pop into my head, since I've got so much going on up there that sometimes things get lost in the mix.

My day is usually replete with engaging articles about socio-political issues, philosophical issues, and ideas about humanistic and artistic endeavors I would like to further explore in detail, but I'm lucky enough to know where to look for these conversations and ideas and a lot of the ground work is already laid for me.

See, I'm not about having an "original" idea for the sake of being able to claim its originality. For me, it's the process of coming upon an idea, having the capacity to analyze that idea to the greatest extent that I can, then expanding on it in a way that fully utilizes all those great critical thinking skills that I'm always looking to work out and bulk up, while breaking down all of the opinions I have over and over in a sometimes uncomfortable cycle of continual self-assessment and evaluation.

I mean, I know what's at stake if I don't subject myself to such critical self-examination, since I live in a society that would otherwise grant me a great number of unearned privileges, merely because of factors over which I had no control. What I can control, however, is whether or not I acknowledge that privilege at all, or acknowledge the oppression it purposefully and inadvertently creates, or ultimately what I choose to do with that privilege to break down this system and (to steal an often-used phrase from opponents of affirmative action) truly level the playing field.

So here, I begin, a slopping of random thoughts, for the reading pleasure of any and all who care to peruse. Let the manner with which I present these thoughts not deter from their significance, for they come out in no necessary order, but only as they form in my mind.

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