Still warming up

So, I guess my approach to this blog is pretty much in direct conflict for my aspirations for what I want this blog to eventually become. So much for ego though, huh?

I've been toying with the idea of going into editorial writing, but to be honest, I haven't the slightest idea where I want to start. You see, I am a language and literature major, so even though my diploma says "Japanese Language and Literature", I had a lot of opportunity to flex my writing ability and hone my grammar skills. I'm a paralegal by day, so I have to write lots of long, tedious letters and I am pretty sapped by the time I get back home, hence the total lack of any significant content since who knows when.

Sometimes I write more than I need to. I prefer contractions because they're easier to read, but I instinctively type like I'm writing a thesis. Alas, that was the price of my education (lol jk, it was probably like $60,000+).

Also, I'm forgetful. Extremely forgetful, specifically when it comes to things that are seen as secondary to the other things that require my attention. Thus, when I am writing something, I find myself reading and re-reading what I just wrote to make sure it makes sense to someone else reading it. I'm not trying to sound like Hemingway, but I don't want the reader going cross-eyed when they read a run-on sentence that is almost as long as a paragraph (blame Japanese for that one!).

Plus, I hate long sentences, but I always find myself being more wordy than I'd like, just to avoid seeming too curt and plain to a reader.

Oh, and I hate repeating words (see, I was going to start the sentence with "Also, I hate...", but I noticed that I used that word in the paragraph above!). Until I can get some sort of dialogue started, I guess this place will most likely serve as a sandbox, but I promise myself that I will not go on any excessive editing/deleting sprees once I have more than a page of content, and I'll reserve the LiveJournal style for another website.

For now, I'll just make sure to try and remember not to pick apart what I write because not everyone has a degree in English grammar.

Also, this isn't LiveJournal.

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